Books For Less Warehouse Sale 2017

Great news! You can hoard boxes of books with such a fairest deal only in Books For Less. They had launched their warehouse sale, August 1, 2017 and will last until the end of this month, August 30, 2017. It's located in 643 Frankfurt St., Mercedes Avenue , San Miguel Pasig. Now, once you get … Continue reading Books For Less Warehouse Sale 2017


World Without End by Ken Follet

World Without End by Ken Follet is actually the sequel of Pillars of the Earth which I've read few years ago (if I can recall, I think I was in my 3rd year in high school at that time). Similar to the first book, WWE (not the goddamn wrestling match as seen on TV) is … Continue reading World Without End by Ken Follet


I’m planning to have this posted on the day right after I’ll receive my diploma. It’ll just be few more days to endure and I could already uploaded my graduation pic with a nice shout out, “Fuck! I’m a goddamn survivor!” Cheers to all my fellow students in engineering. I hope and wish you the … Continue reading Survivor