Online Book Selling Tips

Some people might think that there’s no money in books nowadays since there’s already e-books and published online books that we can read through the use of our gadgets like our cellphone, computer and tablets. However, we cannot deny the existence of book hoarders who definitely can’t get enough with just one book or how old and dusty the book may be.

So how do these people haul books aside from common bookstores? Did you know that there people who don’t have to buy a place or rent a studio just to establish their business?Online selling. This has been a practice nowadays from most of the amateur entrepreneur when they want to start making business without investing a lot. They use the power of web and social media to become a part of the market.

As a first time online seller, I was at first at lost on how to deal in this kind of business. There’s actually a lot to consider like your internet connection, your business legitimacy and where you’ll market your products. I didn’t know yet at that time how the business will work especially if you are going to deal with your customers virtually.

I choose the books as the main product of my business because I am the type of reader where I enjoy reading but not to the point that I want to collect them. Maybe because they’re all just stacked up in our room and I don’t have a shelf but only recycled Canon boxes.

So here are the types of book sellers I know and I’ve seen from the world of online selling.



These sellers are directly ordering from a legit suppliers the books they’ll resell online. Mostly the books they resell are brand new and some are still wrap in plastic. Then their pricing will depend on their strategy on how much they want to earn.

gg-every-classic-books_300Classic Sellers

These sellers has a collection of wide range classic books that you feel itchy to buy. You may even found books that are very rare and you feel lucky to find it on their store. Some of their books might be from their collection or perhaps ordered  and bought internationally.

Buy. Read. Sell 

So these type of seller is where I belong. I buy books, read them and sell them. So how do I get profit in here. Well, there are chances that I didn’t make much profit here because there are times that I have to sell the book in lower price compared to its original price when desperate measure comes. However, most of the time I did make more money in this business. As in, more money.

TIPS AND TRICKS (best advise)

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be a well read person for you to be good in this business. What I can advise you is that you just need to go to the bookstores like National Book Store, Fully Booked and Powerbooks, and familiarize yourself with their books and authors and prices. You need to know the books that are in considering different genre and type of readers, the books that people looked for and the books that always go by anytime.

Now you’re not gonna buy yet. Those aforementioned stores will be your basis of pricing. I know this may offend them, but when you really want to earn money and make double profits, you need to be practical. There are actually a lot of thrift bookstores such Booksale, BooksforLess, Chapters & Pages, Books and Magazines, etc. nationwide and there are sellers who will sell their book copies half or more than half of the original price. So you really need to be patient in searching and digging and scanning the random books they have.

You also need to be updated on the days where stores gives sales. Follow them up on their social media page or directly through their website to get a heads up regarding their promos and sales.

For instance, there was this warehouse sale, unbelievadownload (5).jpgbly 90%
off, in National Book Store Crossing in Quezon City last 2015. The place was actually crowded with people carrying basket of book hoards but the books are still so many I was able to find Greek Gods by Rick Riordan for only Php 50.00. Can you believe it? You should know how much it really is in NBS and you will really feel so envious of my luck at that time. And there was a lot more I found and people hoarded that I spent almost 2k for the 24 books and my two days dropped by. (I’ll try to list down and blog the books I managed to find)

There was also a time when I was just passing by (which I always make sure to do when I’m in the mall) in Booksale that I found Me Before You by Jojo Moyes UK edition for only Php 115.00. Just thinking how much that book is in NBS, in which if I could recall, it costs around Php 600.00.

Imagine how much you can earn from buying books in the latter said stores. I can guarantee you a 100% or more profit from what you had invested.

People might think you are cheating because you are not selling it in the original price you bought the book. But no,  this is a form of strategy. You didn’t fool people to make a living, you only mean business. And this is how you can make your way in the world of online selling. Be wise and practical.


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