I’m planning to have this posted on the day right after I’ll receive my diploma. It’ll just be few more days to endure and I could already uploaded my graduation pic with a nice shout out, “Fuck! I’m a goddamn survivor!”

Cheers to all my fellow students in engineering. I hope and wish you the best for the years you have to face. You may be under so much stress  and struggles together with family and financial problems right now, but never ever ever loose hope. Know that after that phase in your life in college, there’s always be something brighter, something good, and this is actually what keeps me up when I’m on the edge of breaking down.

And because I believe that we are all smart, but we just need something that kindle us. As what Sir Kaimo once said during his class to us, there are only two types of people in this world; people who are fast learner and slow learner. Perhaps, we just need to undergo the process of learning before we can attain the Einstein level. Well in simpler terms, people are all smart, and it’s only up to us where and how we will use it for our benefit.

If you know your weakness, then the stronger you can be. Why? Because, we fight what hinders us, we succumb our fears, we yield the thought of failing. Math has been my problem ever since I was in high school. And I’ve never given a thought to enroll in any engineering courses. But look where am I now? How do I make it possible to love math when it hates me, when it knows that I’m no good? Hmm? Well, what do you think could be the reason why a woman finally said yes to a guy who has been courting her for many years? What do you think the guy did to win the heart of the woman? Effort? Nuh uh. I’d say it’s a RELENTLESS effort. An effort can be made today but once it’s done, will there be more for the next days to come? But doing a relentless effort is just like putting your eyebrows on fleek EVERYDAY, there must be a persistent action not just for this week, but for the lifetime of your study. And guess what, you’ll soon understand why she aint that easy, why she is complicated, why she makes you ‘at times’ miserable, because she is WORTH IT. And the same in math, it is surely worth it.

Now some people might believe that it could be the decision of our fate that led us here in to where we are. That maybe, the fate plans to give us this option of ‘no-choice’. But then somehow it dawned on me, we cannot blame this to the limited choice that we have, or not even having a choice at all. Being here in means it is actually YOUR CHOICE. We may probably reasoning out that the decisions we made are because of the influenced of our friends, parents, or the passion that we knew in ourselves, but in the end, no matter how many reasons we can think of that of, it still led us to the path of deciding this and that. We always have the choice, OUR CHOICE, and not the choice of others or from the situation. We cannot say that we have no given options at all, because there’s always other option of choosing what you want, of leading and driving your OWN life with no any factors to consider from the people around you. Your decisions shall only be made by you, even if you’re not confident about it, even if you think it scares the hell out of you. But know that, this is your life, and not the others to drive. TAKE

So now when people ask me, why computer engineering? I thought you want psychology? Before, I might say that I have no option, I might reason out a lot of things, but then in the end, I’d say to myself that I chosen this because this is the choice I’d made for myself. I know that I can always turn back, not follow what my parents want and choose what I really want for me, but sometimes, not all the things we want for ourselves is really what good or might be best for us. There are times that we need to step out of our comfort zone to know what is really made and set for us. But most importantly, to find out more of what we can be and do that we didn’t know we can stand out.

Always remember that this is now college. And in this stage of our life, we do not think superficial and rubbish things. This is gonna be the stage where we broadly think of what’s gonna happen to our future. It’s time to act matured and responsible. Its either we work hard or work smart, but whatever it is, we should now have been planting firm our feet on the ground and straightening our backbone/spine. In short, we better and must need to be independent and earn values because one day, it’s not about being bright or having a big brain. Its all about how education makes you.

Lastly, once you guys, who are reading this will step in the real world, there might be a lot of competitors out there who might be really so good and comes from elite schools, always take not that we are not fastidious, we do not reek of greediness and that we are even overwhelmed and contented. It was the reason shared to me by Sir Batao once he wasn’t yet retired in his profession. Always be humble, that is our trademark.

**I will share one tip to all students who are taking up engineering courses. In order for you to be able survive your subjects, you not need to cheat. What you really need are resources and yes, literally, resources. I bet you already knew that there are reviewer books made by ricardoasin like in integral calculus, solid mensuration, physics… and sure as hell it will really help you a lot. Promise! And I’ll aslo bet that you’ve already visited the now if you haven’t viewed that yet, please take a time in visiting that site. s



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