CSR: Low Prio Job?

CSR (Call Service Representative) is an agent in a company that usually addresses customer’s inquiries and complaints regarding the product or service of a company through telephone, email or chat. They’re all responsible for the order or request of service of the customer.

I once had a two-time experience being a CSR in a BPO company. I handled an international sales account and the product that we are selling is flowers. At that time, I was employed for two months since it was only for the Mother’s day ramp and the company is hiring for a project based account. For two years every summer, I applied for the same role and responsibilities. We were trained in every aspect, we have mock calls and then we were evaluated. It was fun actually, because it feels like I am studying. The environment feels like I’m in class, there were team leaders who taught us this and that and then we too have our quizzes. But during the operation, that’s what makes our job more serious. We get calls from sweet and irate customers, prank callers, and sometimes a celebrity. However, the role of a CSR doesn’t end on the part of answering calls, emails or chat. There is this one big role that as CSR should always keep in mind, and that is taking care of the order. As the call ends, we have this kind of spiels we say to our customer, but does this spiels should be left hanging?

You see, as a CSR, we need to take responsibility in the order or request of service of the customer. What might happen to it depends on us. So just imagine if an agent neglects his/her responsibility, there’s a chance that the order might not be properly served to the customer, or worst, might not reached them. Let’s take for example this scenario I had experienced as a CSR. There was a customer who called on the day of Mother’s Day for an inquiry regarding the order that was supposedly delivered on that day. But then the thing was, upon checking that order, the date was wrong. It was due 2 days after Mother’s Day. The agent who had previously processesed the order has inputted a wrong date. Now because of that, the customer became upset because the order was supposedly for Mother’s Day but then it willl be delivered after the celecration. Try to imagine yourself in the customer’s shoe, empathize, and feel. What do you think? Do you want that thing to happen in your case? Wouldn’t feel bad and disappointed too? Yeah?? And now as the agent who faces this complaint, we were being taught on how we can compensate on this but there are hierarchies we follow depending on what the customer’s demands. If the spiel “Better late than never” won’t be that effective, then we have no choice but to refund the order. Refund! Do you think they’ll be happy if the company’s returning their money? But is there any way to compensate for such irresponsibility?

The thing is, when the customer ordered something for an event such as birthday or holiday celebration, they have put their trust on the agent knowing it will be delivered on the day it was requested wiith the same quality and right information. But once all of this was not taken care of, it will be a big disappointment to them and it will leave a bad impression to the company as a whole. And there’s nothing that can compensate for that. The emotions you felt cannot be equalled by any money or any material things. There might be some customers who would understand but the they’re only measurable by hand.

And as a customer once, I felt that rage to those agents who had never follow up my request of service. Now I wholly understand what it means to be a customer and how important the role of the CSR. We shouldn’t be looking down and degrading this kind of job just because anyone can worked in here even those who hadn’t accomplished their education. As as CSR back then, this job shouldn’t be taken lightly instead more seriously. The agents should be proud of what they’re doing especially if they were able to deliver smiles to people. The feeling of receiving kudos and commendations to your customers is worthy and fulfilling.

Being a CSR isn’t easy. Some people thought it was because if we’ll base it to the level of education required to be employed in this field, even a high school graduate can work as a CSR! And they think it cannot be equalled to any professional jobs in they industry especially if you’ve accomplished with a degree. But the thing is, this job requires full time focus and big time immunity when it comes to health. You must suit body to the everyday shifting of schedule – try to work in graveyard shift and see how your brain and nerve cells will rack your brain for sleep – and the never ending queueing of calls, emails and chats. Well, it’s not yet the worst. Why not try to sit there for a day and at least answer a call. Unfortunately, your caller is quite an irate customer. Let’s say you’ve handled it well, because you’ve managed to deliver your powerful spiels. But then, you haven’t even took a breath, there’s another incoming call. You have no choice because you need to answer it. Bad luck, another irate customer. What if almost all the work that you have to do in your whole shift is like this? Does it drain the hell out of you? No?

All the jobs in this world – be it a farmer, garbage man, fisher, or even a barker – whatever it is, as long as you do it with dignity and pride, and you know you’re doing it for the sake of your family or for the success of yourself, it is still called a profession.


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