Talking to yourself, is it normal?

Close your eyes and imagine this situation. You are walking in the street in the broad daylight then you see this woman who was walking by herself too. She’s with no one else but she seems to be taking to someone. She doesn’t seem to be engaged in a call even. Now you start to wonder, was she talking to herself or was she talking to an invisible, which is kinda more weird. Then all of a sudden she saw you staring at her and she immediately stop her mouth and awkwardly walked fast. Ask yourself, is talking to yourself normal?

Have you ever tried talking to yourself? Well not those POVs or those thoughts that you made in your mind. In this case, were talking about voicing out your thoughts aloud in which if you appear to be with anyone, they might have mistakenly think you’re talking to them. We’re not considering those loud expressions in which you said in an instant you feel something bad or good, such as ‘Shit’, ‘Oh my god’, ‘Damn’, etc. But this are more considered as real conversations wherein the one you’re talking to is none other than yourself. For an instance, you were alone at home in your room that Friday night and you were in the bed watching TV series from Netflix, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, and suddenly, out of nowhere you pause it and asked yourself aloud, “Why would Hannah result into suicide when Justine’s life was more fucked up compared to hers? She has a very nice family while Justine’s family was damage and miserable. “. Then you start saying what was in your mind regarding the series and you felt comfortable doing that because you know no one’s listening and it made you feel like you have someone to talk to, which might be weird because, you’re only talking to yourself. Now, go back to question, have you ever tried it? if yes, have you ever tried to do it in public just like the woman in the first scenario, or do you just do it in private when you’re alone and you know that no one’s listening, or maybe you do both?

As for me, I actually do both. I do talk to myself whenever I’m walking alone or going somewhere. But if I knew someone’s watching me, sometimes I stop talking, other times I don’t care. Most of the time, when I’m alone at our home, I enjoy talking to myself. Sometimes I read aloud the books or magazine I’m reading. In myself, I never thought that it’s weird or making me freak. I don’t think that talking to oneself makes a person crazy or not normal. To some people who haven’t done it in their life might think differently. However, if I can recall, I have heard from the TV that talking is like a therapy, something like that. Maybe, it depends upon the person who’s doing it or who’s watching.

I think, and as for what I believe, those things and actions that gives us comfort and help, should not be looked down and thought of something cynical about it. As long as we are happy and enjoying the ‘me moments’, then there’s nothing wrong about it.


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