Pillars of The Earth

downloadAs much as I wanted to make book/movie/TV series reviews, I am not just so good with it. All the more, I really love Pillars of the Earth, the thickest book and the shortest TV series (1 season with 8 episodes) I’ve ever read and watched. It’s worth to try considering its size, the thousand pages and font size of 9 or probably 8. Idk. The story is so goddamn good you’ll never ever turn it down. Trust me. The twists and turns of every scenes, the bloody wars and killings and the damned characters are all combined to this best ever story Ken Follett has made. And the feeling that I had when I was watching the series was just the same when I was reading it few years ago. I’ve read a lot of books but this one’s the greatest among them.

Shallow reviewed by me.

If you wanna read the book and know what I’m talking about, here’s the link of which you can read through PDF format:


Trust me, you’ll never gonna waste your time reading this book. Plus, watch the series too! I am not sure if the book was given a justice in the TV series. It has been a long time since I read the book and I couldn’t even remember if they both has the same plot. But, there are some parts in the book that I knew were played in the series. Just in case you’re done reading the book, I recommend you to watch the series too.

Here’s the link of the series wherein you can watch and download.






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