World Without End by Ken Follet

World Without End by Ken Follet is actually the sequel of Pillars of the Earth which I’ve read few years ago (if I can recall, I think I was in my 3rd year in high school at that time). Similar to the first book, WWE (not the goddamn wrestling match as seen on TV) is also an epic novel continuing the story of Jack Builder and Lady Aliena, the two significant lead roles in Pillars of the Earth, centuries after. It has also common themes such as power, war, love, morality and religion, but this book is focused more about women’s practiced of medical healing especially in the time of Black Death and this was considered as blasphemy and heresy – a witchcraft to be exact and as named based from the book – in the past when the church has the second highest of power from the royalties. And, based from my own little understanding about the concept Feminism, I think this book represents power from most significant women in the book like Caris and Gwenda.

Now, in retrospect about my past, on the hot days of summer and during the time I was reading the first book, I knew that I was totally so engrossed in the book that the only time I stopped reading and turned the book down was to eat, read and take a bath. Even the time was so inconvenient, it was quite sweaty afternoon till the lights were to be turned off, I still kept reading it. And everything just seems nostalgic after I’ve read the second book. It dawned on me how Deja Vu every emotion was. That irresistible hunger of wanting to know more, of turning the pages, of fast paced reading every paragraphs and lines, just to get to the climax. That moment you don’t want to sleep at night just to get more and more chapters done, until you never have to wake up because you’re already up till morning comes. You know, those feelings and emotions you uptake every time you were reading such a nice book, well this is it tho. Every bits of it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about the author. Damn, it’s Ken Follet dude! Who’s going to deny his writing skills? Every book he wrote is just always excellently and well-written, in a way that his readers will surely be fascinated and loved him. Well, WWE is however should be equipped with a dictionary on hand because if I am to be blunt about it, I myself find it hard on some terms that he used.Or maybe it was just me? But in a way, I still enjoy learning a lot and adding vocabularies to my knowledge that I haven’t encounter in my whole existence as a reader and somehow feel amazed as how he was able to used it up in writing. Even if that’s the case, the flow of the story had override the eloquence of the writer because you don’t have to read between the lines or depict something else. The way it was written is quite straightforward with shallow humors and witty banters. There’s no need to feel intimidated. I’ve read 2 books from him and somehow I can say that I am used, a little, to his way of writing, as long as there’s a lexicon beside me.

5064As a well-read bibliophile, I may not have read the books a bibliophile is ought to read, but ever since I was young, reading has been my solitary companion and my forever buddy. I’ve read different variety of selections you can name, except for classics (which I’m trying to trigger my interest on but I just couldn’t bring myself to read heavy, recondite and obscured understanding of classics), so I basically know the taste of a book when it has a good flavor. Albeit of its size, the number of pages it has and the days it will take you to finish reading it, it’s definitely worth to read. Take my word, man. This book is a total package! It has everything you love in story: unrequited romance; unexpected, intense and cathartic drama and plots; wars about ambition, blasphemies, power, throne, religion, rights, etc; which all leads to bloody and gore death and killings (as expected from an ancient traditional way where hanging is a fashionable way of killing in front of the mass).

So if you’re this type of reader who wants to catapult you’re way of reading, why not try this one. There’s no reason not to try unless you’re easily intimidated. There may be a long list of books you can name under literally best selling books, but this one… might soon be one of them. I assure you, Ken Follet will never bore the hell out of you because he’s such an ineffable writer and plus the fact that this duology (which isn’t totally required for you to read the first book) was made into a series. Isn’t that enough evidence?

81GxVNQ6IlLHowever, speaking of that. After I’ve read WWE, I was so determined to watch the series. But the thing is, it just ruined my expectations because there were a lot of changes which I can enumerate here but for the sake of not spoiling it, I am all keeping it to myself. There was no justice done from the book because the real essence of the story might be there but knowing from the beginning that everything was changed including the roles and the significant things they’ve done in building up the climax of the story. My advise, is to not watch it when you have freshly accomplished reading the book. Try watching it 2 or 3 years from now so you won’t be able to make comparisons from the book to the TV series.

P.S. Ditto to Pillars of the Earth mini TV series, WWE has too. It has 1 season, 8 episodes but the leading artists are now different. Sadly, Eddie Redmayne isn’t casted here anymore.

P.P.S But those actors who played as Merthin and Ralph Fitzgerald, are definitely so hot, they will fire you up and make your groins…wet. hahaha (so much for reading)

P.P.P.S. Please bear with so many grammatical errors.



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