Books For Less Warehouse Sale 2017

booksGreat news! You can hoard boxes of books with such a fairest deal only in Books For Less. They had launched their warehouse sale, August 1, 2017 and will last until the end of this month, August 30, 2017. It’s located in 643 Frankfurt St., Mercedes Avenue , San Miguel Pasig. Now, once you get there, you’ll be totally surprised and I guess will surely have doubts because it’s such tgtbt. All the books you will see there are only for 20.00! Yes, you heard me right. It’s really a great deal tbh, because they have different varieties of books – pocketbooks, hardbound, trade paperbacks, children books, self-help books, cook books, academic books and more – which you have to be patient fishing from the sea of books scattered, unshelved, and randomly placed anywhere for a reason that there are a lot of people – book hoarders, kids, moms, students, teachers and whole lot more – going in there doing the same hunt.

Well, since I’ve been there twice – the first time was actually last year when they have their warehouse sale too, and the second one was yesterday, during their opening – I have experienced something, for an unprepared, unadvised and unarmed person, that you might also experienced when you get there. So I’ve decided to share a few tips and friendly reminders that will help you along in your adventure to find good treasures.

1. Know the location.
Well, defintely, it’s the first thing you need to do, know exactly where their warehouse in Manila is located. I cannot really give you exact directions unless you’re coming from Sta. Mesa. It’s actually a two ride journey from there. One jeep to Pasig (either Pasig Palengke, or San Joaquin) then tell the driver to drop you off to Rotunda (the driver might asked where in Rotunda, just tell them “Pasig” and they already know about it). The fair might cost you around 20+ something. Approximately, if your commuting it’ll take a one hour ride with little traffic. Once you’re in Rotunda, the landmark I know is you can see the orange building and Meralco from the opposite lane. Go there and you’ll see tricycles waiting for passengers. Make sure you’re not the only passenger because it’ll be special ride and it might cost you a lot unlike if you’re riding with the other passengers, the fair is only 8.00. Tell the driver to drop you off La Consolacion and they’ll already know where that is. You’ll then see the tarp on the white gate the warehouse sale. Just go inside, walk a little to the entrance and you’ll be shocked to see the mountains of books on the tables, the boxes of books bought by the customers and the mass of people scanning the shelves and tables everywhere.

Some people go there by Uber or Taxi. Others have their own cars, especially those people who are buying boxes of books. You can also call their hotline number to get more information, or check out their website or their official page in Facebook.

2. Know what you want to buy
Tbh, this was kinda hard. When you’re going to list the books that you wanted to buy, it might take you almost your time searching for them (which probably some of them might not be there especially if you’re looking for some YA books that are commonly sold in big bookstores like NBS and Fully Booked). The thing here is, listing the books you’ll buy will limit you on the books that you are going to hoard. Let’s say you found a familiar author such as Nora Roberts, there’s a ton of them there actually, so in the end you’ll be getting ’em all. But, if you know what you want to buy, even without making a list, then it’ll be less expensive. However, if you really want to do an all out hauling of books, then I won’t stop you.

As for me, I only get those books that I won’t be able to buy at 20.00 in some bookstores, like hardbounds, books that are of good condition and some books whose authors that I’m very fond of.

Just in case you wanna ask what are the books they are selling in there? Well they have a wide variety of pocketbook authors such as:
-Nora Roberts
-Sue Grafton (you might be able to complete her A to Z novels)
-John Sanford
-Dean Koontz
-Stuart Woods
-Joan Johnston

They also have tons of pocketbooks similar to our PHR pocketbooks but only in english.

Now if you’re asking if they have some well known YA books that are commonly bought at National Book Store, my answer is no. I haven’t found any except for the Rosie Project and a Deb Caletti book. And I’m not gonna let your hopes up but I’m not going to stop you to go there in case you might be able to find your luck in finding a good treasure. HOWEVER, irony to what I’ve said, there might be chances you’ll be finding a good treasure as long as you come early like right on the start of their opening when all the books are properly on shelves and few customers are hovering around.

3. Bring a bag.
A bag wherein you can put in 20 books in it. I don’t know what you can call that bag, but it’s a like a shopping bag where we can all put the items you bought.

It’s actually important especially if you’re hoarding because they do not have basket to offer like in the malls. They only have box of cartons which you can borrow but base from my experienced, it’s a total pain in the ass. At that time, I have no choice but to borrow that box where I can place all the books I got since it didn’t occur to me bring any bag at all. When you have to go to the other shelves, you have to carry around the box with you, which was so effin heavy. And just imagine me carrying it in the middle of the crowd. That’s why even until now, my arms are so painful I cannot even stretch it. There’s also the chance wherein people might mistook the box you owned as some boxes around the corner wherein they can look into. So every time I saw someone scanning my hoards, I have to tell them that it’s mine which was kinda awkward for me. So yeah, you really need to bring a bag unless you wanted to get yourself in my shoe.
4. Bring water.
This is kinda most important advise I’ll tell you. If you’re planning to scan the whole area, it’ll definitely take you at least two hours which will totally dehydrate you. I was there somewhere around 1:30 in the afternoon and I came out exactly at 4, and I was really thirsty. I long for a cold drink and my mouth was so dry. There a few stores like only two stores near the bookstore wherein you can buy in soda. And just the fact that book hunting there was quite tiring and it will really drained every liquids in your body without you noticing so I advised you to at least equipped yourself with water.
5. Bring gloves.
To tell you honestly, most of the books that are on the shelves especially on the lower part, are so very dusty. I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve sneezed. And my hands are full of dirt I want to wash them off but their CR was also crammed with people. My fault here was, I’ve been re-shelving those pocketbooks that are improperly placed and were scattered on the floor. I feel like I could be a librarian someday. I even thought of volunteering to work there just to re-shelve all the books. But in the end, I regretted doing it.. I went home with my hands and clothes full of dirt and dust. However, bringing gloves might give a bad impression to other people so if you want, you can just bring alcohol or wet tissues to clean up your hands afterwards.
6. You might want to bring with you a friend.
Going there with a friend will actually be so fun. Not only he/she/they but not ‘it’ can be your selfie and ‘taga-bitbit’ buddy in there, but it’ll be nice to have someone to talk to while doing the hunt. Dude, I’ll assure going in there will cost you so much time, and if you won’t at least say a word – you probably know the saying – your saliva will get spoiled (mapapanis laway mo). So yeah, most of this advises didn’t at all happen to me because at that time, I have only carried with ME (that means I’m all by myself) a pouch where I can put my money and phone, and my headphone. Don’t worry, the books there won’t be zeroed out. Everyday they restock the shelves with new books. And yes, as I’ve mentioned there are children books too so expect there are kids hovering around. Just enjoy fishing

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