Pillars of The Earth

As much as I wanted to make book/movie/TV series reviews, I am not just so good with it. All the more, I really love Pillars of the Earth, the thickest book and the shortest TV series (1 season with 8 episodes) I've ever read and watched. It's worth to try considering its size, the thousand … Continue reading Pillars of The Earth


Talking to yourself, is it normal?

Close your eyes and imagine this situation. You are walking in the street in the broad daylight then you see this woman who was walking by herself too. She's with no one else but she seems to be taking to someone. She doesn't seem to be engaged in a call even. Now you start to … Continue reading Talking to yourself, is it normal?


I’m planning to have this posted on the day right after I’ll receive my diploma. It’ll just be few more days to endure and I could already uploaded my graduation pic with a nice shout out, “Fuck! I’m a goddamn survivor!” Cheers to all my fellow students in engineering. I hope and wish you the … Continue reading Survivor